Save Money With FREE High Efficiency LED Lighting UPGRADE

With the rise of electricity prices, it makes sense to take advantage of government schemes and replace your existing lighting with LED technology. This will significantly reduce maintenance, save energy and save your business money.


Register your interest for your LED upgrade under the state energy efficiency initiative scheme by completing the form below or calling 1300 55 25 90
  • What type and how many fittings do you want to upgrade?
    • To replace with LED Panels, minimum Installation QTY 25 LED Fittings
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    • Minimum Installation QTY 4 HB
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    • Set of 2 - 2 or 4 pin fluro lights to replace with LED Shop Light
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3 Supply of Additional Equipment $TBA
4 Warranty 3 yrs

Why LED Lighting?

Product That Pays For Itself

Our LED lighting products will pay for themselves within the first 6 to 12 months, depending on your day-to-day usage. Your power consumption of T8 Fluorescent tubes will be reduced from approx 75W  per fitting to 18W LED Panel. Highbay power consumption can be dropped from 400W to 120W or 100W. As a result, your lighting expenses will be slashed.

Key Benefits of LED Technology

Upgrading your lighting to mercury-free LEDs will significantly and permanently reduce your carbon footprint.
Because LEDs last up to 50,000 hrs, your business will no longer need to regularly replace or service the lights. LED lights run much cooler than conventional fluorescent lights, which means that your air-conditioning costs will also be reduced.

Government Incentives to Switch to LED

Victoria government incentives that can reduce your out of pocket lighting expenses and, in some cases, these incentives can cover 100% of the LED upgrade cost. Take advantage of this amazing offer and start saving your business money today! Fill out the form below or call 1300 55 25 90 to check if you qualify.

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